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Welcome to the Deep Forest Kingdom of Korin



~*~Korin's People~*~

Come meet the people of the Kingdom

King Tora and Queen Hope

LordKenlic - First Knight

Tandeer - Healer/ Squire to Lord Kenlic, First Knight

SirBluSky - Squire to ToraKhan, King of DFKoK

DraconisLD - Duke of Cresida

KAragorn - Lord of Sandinas

LdyWhitfld - Lordess of Kestos

SHDMacleod - Knight Of Korin

Mtynthawk - (honorary Knight)

Ladyadeaja - Advisor to Queen, Keeper of Records
Squire to Crystalin, Lordess of Kestos

SilvrSkits - Advisor to the Crown of Korin

LrdVV - Advisor to the Crown of Korin

ViskoDragn - Unofficial Advisor
to the crown of Korin

Friglet - Royal Messanger

XStarlingx - Priestess of Korin

Rhianna346 - Priestess of Korin

BckSmith - Offical Blacksmith of Korin

LiLCassidy - Offical Overseer of the Animals
Keeper of the Royal Stables

Rowen79 - Official Page of Korin

PolarRain - Memeber of the Court of Korin

Vanel90 - Member of the Court

Raeganfay - Lady of the Court

LdyShannPr - Lady of the court


Ellesndril - Champion of the Queen TorasHope

KngTrastan - Ally to Korin, King of Trastan Castle

LORD POR and Lakelinn - Allies of Korin,
King and Queen of Articadia

QnTetonia - Ally of Korin, Queen of
Din Glennar

PaladnHuma and LadieIvory - Friends of Korin,King and Queen of Trastan Towers

ArakisX - Friend of Korin, King of Avalon

LrdCorven - Friend of Korin, King of Ganelon

XDagot and Gabbie1980 - Friend of Korin, rulers of the Dragon Kingdom

LordKey - Friend of Korin, King of Wyndridge

MdntAvengr - Friend to Korin




1. No foul language or behavior
2. No weapons to be drawn unless up thier majesties orders
3. Treat those with respect in accordance to thier position
4. Treat all rooms and spaces with the respect due the home and property of the king and queen
5. Prospective knights of the realm will be required to first serve a short term as a squire
6. The castle is to be a place of business.. as the woods are the home of thier majesties.. react in each as is appropriate
7. All dice holding ranks (Knights, Advisors, Priests, etc...) are asked to please limit their memberships in other kingdoms to that of member/lady of the court. All other offices of Korin please see the King or Queen on what types of positions maybe held else where.



Dice ranks:

King/Queen/First Knight 3d30
Dukes 3d28
Lord 3d25
Knights/Paladins/Dragons 3d20
High Priests/Priestess 2d30
Senior Advisors 2d28
Advisors/Castle Guards 2d25
Priests/Priestess 2d24


As a courtesy to our king and queen.. when Tora and Hope are in the Deep Woods of Korin.. they are in a relaxed mode.. please direct official business to the Forest Kingdom Korin.. thank you..